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  • Конный клубHorse-riding club
  • Тренажерный залGym
  • Пейнтбольный клубPaintball club
  • Мини-отельMini-hotel
  • РесторанRestaurant
  • Спортивный аэродромSports airfield
  • Большой теннисTennis
  • РыбалкаFishing
  • Лодки и катамараныBoats and catamarans
  • Квадроклуб4-wheeler club
  • Лыжные прогулкиSki tours
  • ВелопрогулкиCycling
  • Команда аниматоровTeam of entertainers
  • Прокат спортивного инвентаряSports equipment rent
  • Пляжный волейболBeach volleyball
  • Аренда коттеджейCottage lease
  • Площадки для барбекюFacilities rent
  • ПляжBeach
  • Верёвочный паркRopes course
  • БунгалоDome homes
  • КатокSkate ring
  • ТирShooting range
  • Тюбинг-трассаTubing track
  • Мини-гольфMini-golf
  • Сплав на байдаркахCanoeing
  • Русская баняRussian steam bath
  • Полет в аэротрубеFlights in aerotube
  • Банкетный залBanquet room
Video about «Petrukhino club»
Advantages of "Petrukhino club"
Flawless service level

We offer excellent service and brilliant recreation possibilities for our customers, guests, and settlement dwellers. You can reserve a table in the restaurant, a hotel room, a tennis court, a pavilion in the barbecue zone in advance.

Flexible accommodation conditions

Guests of our complex can reside in cosy hotel rooms or rent a detached cottage for any period of time. We offer comfortable accommodation conditions, affordable prices, and early booking option.

39 minutes from Moscow ring road

Our country club is located in only 39-minute drive from the Moscow ring road, which makes the way of our guests quick and easy, both with personal car and public transport. The complex features convenient approach and guarded parking.

Haute cuisine restaurant

Our haute cuisine restaurant is an excellent location for various events - meeting with friends, romantic dinner, corporate celebration, or a lunch with business partners. You can always count on cosy atmosphere and tasty dishes from our professional cooks.

Unique nature

Our country club lies in the area with unique and picturesque nature - a huge mixed forest spreads out around the club and passes into the territory of Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Biosphere Reserve. The river Rechma flows nearby, the river Oka - further off.

Special offers and discounts

Our country club offers various promotion, special offers, and discounts, enabling to use services of hotel, restaurant, horse-riding club, and other facilities at affordable prices. Follow our current special offers on the site and in social networks.

Banquet room
Arched tent
Bike rental
Rope Park
Summer cafe
Gazebo near the water
Boats and catamarans
Entrance to the club
Guest parking
Tubing track
Sports equipment rental
Volleyball court
Football field
Conference hall
Tents for events
Dome homes
Horse club car Park
Stable of horse owners
Club stable
Horse-riding club
The indoor arena
Shooting range
Guest parking
  • 1Hotel
  • 2Restaurant
  • 3Banquet room
  • 4Mini-golf
  • 5Arched tent
  • 6Bike rental
  • 7Rope Park
  • 8Tandyr
  • 9Summer cafe
  • 10Playground
  • 11Gazebo near the water
  • 12Boats and catamarans
  • 13BBQ
  • 14Entrance to the club
  • 15Guest parking
  • 16Tubing track
  • 17Sports equipment rental
  • 18Volleyball court
  • 19Rink
  • 20Mini-zoo
  • 21Conference hall
  • 22Tents for events
  • 23Dome homes
  • 24Bathhouse
  • 25Horse club car Park
  • 26Stable horse owners
  • 27Club stable
  • 28Horse-riding club
  • 29The indoor arena
  • 30Tent
  • 31Shooting range
  • 32Fishing

Recreation on the countryside in Petrukhino club

Recreation on the countryside in “Petrukhino club”

“Petrukhino club” is located in 39-minute drive from the Moscow ring road. Do you want to have a rest together with your friends, colleagues, business partners, or in a family circle? Do you like outdoor activities? Are you keen on horse-riding? Or do you want to surprise your darling with a romantic boating? Come visit our country recreational complex and enjoy all these and many other entertainments. Open air and magnificent nature, silence and peace, homeyness and versatile leisure. Our countryside club in the vicinities of Moscow offers entertainments to fit every taste.

Have great vacation with children

Country clubs of family recreation, like "Petrukhino club", are created for comfortable and unforgettable leisure in a family circle.

Services we offer:

  • modern mini-hotel with 8 rooms built in 2016;
  • refined restaurant, outdoor barbecue;
  • cottages for rent - for the whole family.

Comfortable accommodation, tasty meals - our recreational club on the countryside welcomes the guests and offers a wide range of entertainments and outdoor activities.

Entertainments for adults:

  • rent of boats, catamarans - for those who like to relax on the lakeside;
  • rent of pit bikes, 4-wheelers, bicycles - tours quick as a wind across the picturesque vicinities;
  • picnic tent, barbecue areas - outdoor activities promote healthy appetite;
  • gym - for those who want to stay fit everywhere;
  • mini-baths - for guests willing to restore their health and summon up fresh energy;
  • football and volleyball fields - for sports fans.

Entertainments for kids:

  • children's playgrounds - for kids loving swings and roundabouts;
  • ropes course - for active boys and girls;
  • horse-riding club - for pet&animal fans.

We offer superior, high-class leisure in vicinities of Moscow on weekends - have a rest together or have a rest from each other. Our highest commitment is positive impressions of our guests about their time spent in "Petrukhino club" and their wish to visit us again.

Leisure on the countryside in Petrukhino club

Organization of celebrations – anniversaries, weddings, celebrations for kids

Holiday at "Petrukhino club" is always a joyful and bright event. You can organize a banquet at our restaurant to celebrate an anniversary or arrange an exciting celebration with your friends you haven't seen for a long time. We'd be glad to organize a children's birthday party with clowns, balloons, entertainers, and tasty dishes for your kids. Would you like to picnic on the lakeside? Would you like to celebrate your wedding on the countryside? Recreational center in the vicinities of Moscow welcomes you.

We treat organization of celebrations as a brilliant possibility to give you unforgettable moments of happiness, joy, and a plenty of positive emotions. For you, celebration at "Petrukhino club" is a brilliant possibility to make your very special day joyful and unusual, impressive and bright, to supplement it with a special thrill, and remember it for many years. We've prepared a plenty of exciting surprises for our guests. And there is no celebration in the vicinities of Moscow that goes without a fabulous party and delicious meal!

Corporate holidays

Country cottages in the vicinities of Moscow are a perfect location for corporate events. Do you want to rally your employees? Do you wonder how to make relations in the team easier? Do you want to encourage your employees and enhance the corporate spirit in a favourable atmosphere? Your best solution is a trip to recreational complex in the vicinities of Moscow for a couple of days on the weekend or during a week. We will arrange a transfer for you, create a unique entertaining program for your company, and provide our guests with comfortable accommodation and worthy meal.

Do you want to have a remarkable celebration in a circle of your colleagues? "Petrukhino club" offers great resources for it. Volleyball and football competitions, outdoor barbecue, pit bike and 4-wheeler races, catamaran and boat tours, riding - we will help you find interesting activity for any member of your team, create a spirit of competition and unity. And in the evening, after a long day, your employees, feeling a pleasant weariness, can have a good sleep in comfortable room of our hotel or in cottages. And you can rest assured that each one of your employees will remember this holiday for long weeks or even months.

Holiday in any season — come visit “Petrukhino club”

Come visit our country club-hotel in the vicinities of Moscow in any season of the year. In the summer, our guests enjoy warm fresh air smelling of newly-mown grass and wild flowers. In the spring, everything blossoms together with the nature in "Petrukhino club" and the life becomes brighter and richer. In the autumn, everything calms down, giving our guests light evening cool, tender morning sun; the fragrance of fallen leaves bewitches. In the winter, everything comes to a standstill and there is only a quiet wind behind the windows and a crackling of fire in a fireplace to hear. And if you strain your ears you may hear inviting crackling of coals in a bath. There is no bad weather and we are glad to welcome our guests in any season. Relax with your soul and body in "Petrukhino club" and we'll take care about the rest for you.

Please call +7 (495) 236-75-65 to get the additional information about the infrastructure in "Petrukhino club".

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